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Painstakingly gourmet dishes for the fearless! They're supposed to increase male potency, but women should try a bite, too: Eating penis is good for the skin, apparently.

Beef Testicle in chinese herbal broth soup
Beef Penis soup
Testicle soup
Armadillo in chinese herbal broth soup
Lamb Testicles stir fried with onion, bell peppers, chili peppers, green onion & fried basil
Goose intestines with mushroom quartet: white button, shiitake, straw & chicken drumstick
Fried Chicken Cartilage in spicy-salt batter with fried chopped garlic
Chicken Feet in chinese herbal broth soup
Fat Choi Oyster
Creamy Uni
Deer meat stir fried with fresh leeks and star melon
Rooster testicles
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